Enjoy the comfort of top-quality service accompanied by the most stunning boutique hotels, haciendas, and accommodation with style in the most astonishing segments of the Andes mountain range, the Ecuadorian Andes.

The Ecuadorian villages nestled between these mountains are an extraordinary reflection of Andean culture, with their authentic local markets, delightful animals, and the welcoming indigenous communities that live there. And of course, the food you’ll be surprised how many traditional Ecuadorian dishes can be prepared in this charming small country!

Get to know the colossus Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes on earth; Pichincha, right next to the bustling metropolis of Quito; and Chimborazo, the closest point to the sun. Whether you are hiking to their foothills or summits or admiring them from afar, you simultaneously feel dwarfed and awestruck by the vastness of these giants.

Private Journeys will design for you the most unique packages to enjoy the Ecuadorian Andes by foot, bike, horse, and courage. Hike or bike the frosty foothills of the Cotopaxi, wander through the drastic ecosystem around Chimborazo and relax in the greenery that surrounds the Tungurahua in Baños. And even if you’re not up for mountaineering in any shape or form, you can appreciate the turquoise waters of the Quilotoa crater from a bird’s eye view or the prominence of the Imbabura volcano as you skim through artisanal finds at the indigenous market in Otavalo.

Join Private Journeys through layers of rough incline, fog, and snow into one of the most diverse concentrations of Andean peaks in South America. Most importantly, let yourself be surprised by the comfort and personalization our team of experts can provide to your experience.

Live the charm of the wild in its maximum splendor. Completing the country’s triad of mainland ecosystems, the Ecuadorian Amazon sits at the easternmost border and offers a thorough glimpse of the world’s most infamous rainforest.

You will quickly be impressed by the stark contrast between its profound greenery and the alpine landscapes that characterize the rest of the country. The trip to the Amazon itself is an odyssey and a truly natural way to experience the gradual but marked change in environments. As a plus, the journey builds anticipation for the adventure of drifting through the mouth of the jungle!

Ecuador’s Amazon basin has various protected areas, with the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and Yasuní National Park being the most prominent eco-tourism hubs. Collectively, they showcase the region’s natural and ethnic diversity, the serenity of its wildlife, and some of the dreamiest sunsets you’ll ever experience. Your first brush against the Ecuadorian jungle’s cosmos will be its still river waters, which mirror the surrounding emerald oasis. As you snake down the river by canoe, the scenery around you will grow greener, denser, and more remote. And this is where your adventure begins.

The reserves are a refuge for the flora and fauna that will inevitably characterize your visit. Caimans, pink river dolphins, eel, as many as ten species of monkeys, and fish of varying sizes will be your neighbors for the duration of your stay. And in the depths of the river’s periphery, reptiles, alluring insects, and numerous species of birds abound. Wildlife sightings, however, are only the icing on the cake. Your senses will be constantly engaged in one of nature’s most flashy arrays of colors and sounds, and your only obligation will be to kick back and fully embrace the wilderness.

The coexistence of this natural wonder alongside the other regions of Ecuador is perplexing to travelers. With Private Journeys, you’ll experience what makes the Ecuadorian Amazon so particularly Amazonian, yet so characteristically Ecuadorian. Our visits to the local communities, such as the Siona, ensure that your visit to the Amazon is more than just jungle-loving fanfare. Private Journeys also understands that the Amazon is a place you’ll want to visit with the right balance of security and flexibility. We are committed to providing this equilibrium in our services. We know you’re in for a wild ride, but Private Journeys will make it that much more enjoyable!

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10 Days / 9 Nights

Discover the magic of Ecuador by traveling by train and trekking through the Avenue of Volcanoes, hike in the Andes mountains, cruising the tropical Amazon rivers and exploring the cultural towns of indigenous Otavalo, Baños & Cuenca. On your journey learn all about the different local tribes and their cultures.

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7 Days / 6 Nights

Discover the beauty of the Ecuadorian Andes and cloud forest regions. Enjoy extreme biodiversity such as butterflies and bird watching.

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