Live an unforgettable experience closer to paradise than to mainland Ecuador, the islands’ remoteness and isolation are nature’s metaphor for their singularity. After all, there’s no other place where you can experience the concentration of so much natural wonder. The Galapagos Islands are now almost a critical rite of passage for the South American traveler.

The evolutionary history of its wildlife alone puts the Galapagos at the very top of our travel bucket list. Its isolation and late discovery by humans ensured endemic wildlife evolved into some of the world’s most special and unique species.

Witness the gentle poise of blue-footed boobies as they perform their mating dance, the composure of the Galapagos tortoise (the longest-lived vertebrate in the world), and harems of sea lions who have no problem invading your bubble.

If you’re especially fond of wildlife encounters, you’ll appreciate the variety of sharks that dwell in the waters, as well as the only penguin species found north of the equator. It is widely known that wildlife in the Galapagos has no fear of humans, and although we encourage these life-altering interactions, our guides highlight the importance of keeping a distance and respecting the islands’ endemic species.

The volcanic coastline and its pristine beaches make it one of the most coveted nature-vacation spots in the world. The only routine we have in this desolate part of the world is witnessing its serene sunsets and sunrises on the shores Everything else repeatedly stuns the senses and all expectations — from the pearly white-sand beaches of San Cristóbal to the red beaches of Rábida, and the footprints of marine iguanas that guide you to the most graceful encounters with wildlife you’ll ever experience.

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Discover the enchanted Galapagos Islands through this island-hopping tour! The islands offer endless opportunities to witness a unique abundance of wildlife in a setting unlike any other on the planet.

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