I worked as a guide and tour leader until 2014. My expertise as a biologist is in nature, wildlife, culture and specialized in Adventure travel. I founded Adventure Journeys in 2012 with the objective to deliver real experiences with high quality service level.

Paola Arboleda

Sales Coordinator

I am enthusiastic, charismatic and I live by the motto: Live the Life you Love & Love the Life you Live. Through tourism, I had the chance to visit many wonderful places, but my bucket list is still very long, and of course, it grows every time that I travel somewhere new. I believe in creating value for the organizations I work with; I am keen on including all stakeholders and ensuring long-term success. I value creating sustainable practices, without these, all other success is short-sighted.

Diego Gamboa

Adventure Specialist

A nature lover since I was a child, my main hobbies are mountain biking and discovering new villages and special places in my country. I like nature and urban photography… Ecotourism is a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity!

Verónica Pazmiño

Adventure Specialist


I consider myself a very fortunate person to live in a country as beautiful and diverse as Ecuador. I have been blessed to know every corner of my country, and I have visited the enchanting Galapagos Islands several times. With my experience of more than 15 years in tourism, I love to be able to offer new tourists unique experiences in Ecuador and Galapagos, experiences that I know they will enjoy and keep in their hearts forever